Monday, July 29, 2019

In this week’s article, we highlight some fantastic historic properties in the Clearwater and nearby areas that you may or may not know about. If you are new to the area, these properties are sure to please and if you have been in the area for awhile, you are most likely aware of their many changes. In either case, I’d like to highlight a few of them for you:

First on the list is 802 Druid Road South which sits high on a bluff overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico at Clearwater Harbor facing the number one beach in the USA on Florida’s West Coast, Clearwater Beach.

This property is almost an entire block and on this site sits the original Fort Harrison lookout. The main building was a refuge for settlers fleeing wartime conditions and also was used temporarily as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

This estate is currently known as Century Oaks, for it’s massive 100 year old oak trees and is the only waterfront home in Florida which sits 50 feet above sea level.  This grand estate with all its amenities is currently for sale.  Call me for details.

In the 1800s, a forward-thinking gentleman named Milton Plant (who owned railways, steamships and hotels) constructed a hotel in Belleiar, Florida and thus the Belleview Hotel opened its doors on January 15, 1897.  He built the hotel hoping that it would be a resort destination that would help boost tourist travel on his railroad line which was serving Florida’s west coast.

In its hey-day, numerous high-profile people visited both the hotel and on the golf course. During World War II, the hotel was requisitioned by the US Army Air Corps to house troops training at nearby airfields.    The property went through changes in 1947 and again in 1970 and today the hotel still stands and is now the site of not only a beautiful, boutique hotel, but also several new condo buildings currently being built.  The Belleview Inn is not too far from 802 Druid Road South (mentioned above).

Lastly, we will talk a bit about the Harbor Oaks community which is bounded by Druid Road South, Fort Harrison, Lotus Path and Clearwater Harbor.  This community was Clearwater’s first planned residential development by Dean Alvord, a major developer out of New York state.  He opened Harbor Oaks in 1914 and various plaques can be found around the community that speak of its history.  If you like tree lined streets with charm and you like historic homes, you’ll love Harbor Oaks, which is over 100 years old.  

Completed by 1930, these homes today are close to the water and to the new downtown development projects making this easy living.  We just listed a gorgeous two story, updated beauty at 430 Jasmine Way.  Call if you are looking to purchase a home or know someone looking for a home.

If you are considering selling your home, please give me a call at (727) 298-8888 or email me at  I always love hearing from you! 

We offer red carpet service and look forward to exceeding your expecations.

(Thank you to the Clearwater Historical Society for the historical information reprinted here.)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It’s possible you’ve heard the common phrase in real estate that It’s all about “Location, location, location”.  It is true that location takes priority over a majority of other variables, but condition is commonly as important as location.


How does Condition rank up at the top with location? You could say this has something to do with our current generation being indoctrinated to the home buying process through HGTV. Today a buyer not only wants their ideal neighborhood but they expect the home to be impressive as well. Home improvement shows can make it appear easy to get a picture-perfect looking home no matter what it started out looking like, thus setting the expectations high at the offset.


Despite that most sellers aren’t going to get onto a home improvement show for a quick makeover remodel, there are still many ways a home owner can improve the condition of their home before listing.


VITAL UPGRADES. A seller’s home in an ideal location, near public transportation or at the end of a cul-de-sac won’t always make up for an older kitchen, bathrooms with original tiling or squeaky floorboards.  This is where they need to consider doing needed upgrades before listing. Based on reports, Americans can spend up to over $6,500 on improvements before listing their home for sale and they shouldn’t skimp on this especially if they’re looking at selling fast or for top dollar.


EXTERIOR PRIORITY.  An old roof or fencing, worn down siding or cracked paint can turn away most potential buyers despite being in a great location. Even after considering the potential time and money they might need to invest into the property, these can present structural issues not to mention what problems can present themselves if the buyers are getting a loan.


MELLOW OUT THE DÉCOR. Most buyers are not going to be able to see through that bright teal paint on the family room walls no matter if the home is on the most desirable street in town. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in the home as soon as they walk through the front door and the best way to achieve this is by making the décor as universal in appeal as possible.  Paint rooms in neutral colors, pack up the family photos, stock the bathrooms and bedrooms with white linens and towels and accent living areas with beige throws and pillows. These simple steps soften the overall feel of a home, open up the space and create a blank slate for potential buyers to build upon.


Still thinking your client’s home being in a great location is good enough to get it sold? It may be, but keep this in mind: Great location and mint condition are likely to get a seller asking price or possibly higher if they are in a hot market. The above points would be worth a sellers time and investment.


If you are considering selling, please give me a call at 727.298.8888 or send me an email at or visit our website  See you next time!


Source: RISMedia 5/20/2019/TiffanyKavon

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