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Wednesday, March 08, 2017
Tags:   Why waterfront property? The hidden treasure trove.


    With Zillows earlier review of waterfront property I thought it would be interesting to see how Florida’s popular locations stood up to this.

    I found that in a review by Zillow of the waterfront properties in the nation and based on the median home value, Florida has the markets majority low price water-front properties.  This was however specifically referring to the unpopular cities in Florida. In doing some looking, the waterfront properties in popular beach areas are far more expensive than those not in popular areas of the state and compare to other cities (though not reaching the same level as the majority) cited in Zillow’s review.  

    So why are Florida beachfront and waterfront properties less expensive on the average comparison to other large cities?   Florida waterfront properties are a hidden treasure trove for those who want to buy investment properties! The growing numbers of those moving to Florida, and Clearwater Beach rated one of the top in the nation only tells part of the tale of what is to come in Florida’s future expansion.  Not to mention Downtown Clearwater expansion (subject of a newsletter coming soon). 

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Clearwater Beach Communities
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Hidden Treasure Trove - Waterfront Property
       With Zillows earlier review of waterfront property I thought...

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